A smarter
approach to
investment real
estate financing

In this vastly underserved industry, Castling
is taking a stance.

Built for a new era
of real estate

At Castling, we’re tearing down the walls between
opportunity and funding; planning and action;
investors, and the resources they need.

Powered by tech and driven by experts, a Castling loan is
simple, streamlined — and fast.

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Founded by
real estate leaders

Castling is a private lender and brokerage firm established by Pinchas Schwartz, former CEO of SNCO.

Fusing a get-it-done brokerage mentally with fiscally-stable financing, Castling focuses on value-add and rehab-based
mortgages. Over the past half-decade we’ve applied strong underwriting and a skilled credit team to structure consistently
solid, stable deals.

Since 2016 Castling has helped 250+ real estate investors get the funding they needed fast, and friction-free. In tandem with our growth,
CEO Pinchas Schwartz has designed a secure credit box and clear guidelines that have enabled Castling to maintain its filter and fund only top-
quality deals as the firm continues to scale.

The values we play by

Start with yes

...then work backwards.
With flexibility and a little out
-of-the-box thinking, it’s our job
to make it possible.

Move fast

Time is one of the most
important factor to clients.
Move with a sense of urgency
and restlessness until the
deal is done.

Lend wisely

Tap into our strong filtering
system to attract and select
solid, safe deals from quality

Be a knight

Stand for honor and integrity.
Be transparent with clients, be
understanding, be patient, and
most importantly:
keep your word

Client is king

Their goals. Their needs. The
client’s objectives come first,
last, and everywhere
in between.

Meet the minds that will structure
your next move

Contact any loan originator directly, anytime you need

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